The 15 All-Time Best WordPress Themes for Photographers 04/11/12

wordpress logoIt’s that time again! We’re here as always to review the Best WordPress Themes for every type of business and niche. A while ago, we picked out the best Magazine WordPress themes for you to enjoy. Another extremely popular and enriched category is Photography! That’s why we’re back to continue our Best WordPress Theme Collections with our favorite WordPress themes for Photographers! Just like last time, choosing amongst the best was a real tough one.

We cannot stress enough that picking out the best WordPress theme for your photography blog or website is important. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer looking for work, an amateur wanting to display your photography and art to the world, or a professional wishing to showcase your latest and best projects, a well-placed and configured photography WordPress theme will help you do just that. By using our Search feature, you can choose and pick out the exact features and options that you’re looking for, so you can select the best theme for you and your website!

We’ve painstakingly reviewed each and every one, and listed the best features and screenshots on each one. Without further ado, here are the best Photography WordPress Themes!


15. Notebook Premium WordPress Photography Theme

notebook premium wordpress photography theme

The Notebook Premium WordPress Photography Theme hosted on Elegant Themes is a great theme for just about any niche that gives emphasis on photography and imagery. Businesses can use it for corporate profiles, and bands and musicians to showcase their music and tours as well, but we’ll focus on the photographer features! This theme is great for photographers to showcase their work in their own customized portfolio.

Nifty feature: the cool notebook or scrapbook-like home page looks so cozy!

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14. Screen Premium WordPress Theme

screen premium wordpress theme

The Screen Premium WordPress Theme hosted on Themeforest is a highly versatile and unique theme which can be used for just about any niche or business. Its full-screen pictures and slide are perfect for catching your visitors’ eyes. Full width, left or right sidebar, fully customizable sliders, you name it, this photography WordPress theme will win your heart with its many features.

The screenshot really does it no justice; it’s a must see in demo form!

Nifty feature: definitely the huge fully customizable home page slider, which can host both video and images!

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13. Pleng Premium WordPress Theme

pleng premium wordpress theme

The Pleng Premium WordPress Theme hosted on Themeforest can be used for corporate profiles, personal blogs and portfolio sites. Minimalistic, elegant and clean-cut, you’ll get full customization and a flexible layout for your website. The multiple gallery and extensive gallery options make this theme wonderfully customizable!

Nifty feature: the awesome bouncing widgets at the end of the home page! Check out the demo!

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12. Bookcase Premium WordPress Portfolio Theme

bookcase premium wordpress portfolio theme

The Bookcase Premium WordPress Portfolio Theme hosted on Themeforest is ideal for photographers and visual artists to showcase their work in the most efficient way possible. This site may be minimal, but it’s fully customizable with tons of options to cater to your needs.

Nifty feature: the featured project option is great for showcasing your latest or most important work!

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11. WoodStock Premium WordPress Portfolio Theme

woodstock premium wordpress portfolio theme

The WoodStock Premium WordPress Portfolio Theme hosted on Themeforest is ideal for design studios and creative artists to showcase their work in a very creative and extravagant way! The awesomely placed home page slider really stands out and will catch your visitors’ eyes.

Nifty feature: the featured image page helps you comment on your best projects or add content to your existing work.

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10. Stufe’ Premium WordPress Portfolio Theme

stufe premium wordpress theme

The Stufe’ Premium WordPress Portfolio Theme hosted on Themeforest is great for visual arts and project showcasing, and personal blogging as well! Present your work and projects in categories, adding content and features to your each photography concept.

Nifty feature: the triple scrollable featured post box on the home page!

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9. CoPilot Premium WordPress Theme

copilot premium wordpress theme

The CoPilot Premium WordPress Theme hosted on Themeforest has loads of great features, and can be used for anything from photography sites, photoblogs, video blogs (vlogs), you name it. This theme is based heavily on social media, so if you’re interested on sharing your work and having your readers comment and vote on it, this is the Photography WordPress theme for you!

Nifty feature: the Express App feature, which lets you post to your blog or website right from your iPhone!

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8. Gleam Premium WordPress Photography Theme

gleam premium wordpress photography theme

The Gleam Premium WordPress Photography Theme hosted on Elegant Themes is a clean-cut, smooth and elegant photography WordPress theme. The full page width really helps images stand out, and keeps visitors’ eyes away from whitespace and on the photographs.

Nifty feature: Users browse easily with the huge home page menu header, and the awesome transition between pages!

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7. Equilibrium: Clean and Modern Portfolio Premium WordPress Theme

equilibrium clean and modern portfolio premium wordpress theme

The Equilibrium: Clean and Modern Portfolio Premium WordPress Theme hosted on Themeforest is an elegant, minimal, clean theme for creative agencies or photographers. The video support of its portfolio makes for some awesome showcasing!

Nifty feature: the individualized post or project widget is perfect for enhancing your projects with many photos at a time.

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6. Vintage Camera Free Retro Blogging WordPress Theme

vintage camera free retro blogging wordpress theme

The Vintage Camera Free Retro Blogging WordPress Theme by Caroline Moore from CaloobeeDoodles is absolutely wonderful for a free WordPress theme! Its retro, vintage style is beautiful for photoblogging or amateur photographers to showcase their first work.

Nifty feature: the custom menus and headers help you perfect your theme to cater to just to your needs.

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5. Helious Premium WordPress Theme

helious premium wordpress theme

The Helious Premium WordPress Theme hosted on Themeforest is almost too elegant for words! Just look at the professional design and layout. The main page grid lets visitors view your best work in one easily navigable page. Besides photography, this theme can also be used for creative and modeling agencies!

Nifty feature: the home page grid easily groups your featured work into one space for your readers’ enjoyment!

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4. Parallax Free WordPress Photography Theme

paralax free wordpress photography theme

The Parallax Free WordPress Photography Theme hosted on Medialoot is a simple, minimal and ideal WordPress theme for photographers and illustrators. Its beautiful, elegant design, easy configuration and free price are wonderful features for even those who are just starting out on their online presence. Its many configuration features also make it perfect for professionals and experts wishing to efficiently showcase their work.

Nifty feature: its large homepage slider! What a looker!

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3. ZipFolio Premium Single Page Portfolio WordPress Theme

zipfolio premium single page portfolio wordpress theme

The ZipFolio Premium Single Page Portfolio WordPress Theme, created by Stephen Gliebe and hosted on Themeforest, is one of the best photography WordPress themes for anyone focusing on showcasing their portfolio: web designers, photographers, artistic designers, and more!

The theme is awesome and very easy on readers’ eyes, since it is in single-page format.

Nifty feature: the “About Me” and “Testimonials” section is perfect for any designer or photographer to promotes themselves and their personal brand.

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2. DeepFocus Premium WordPress Photography Theme

deepfocus premium wordpress theme

The DeepFocus Premium WordPress Photography Theme hosted on Elegant Themes - where to start on this theme? Photographers everywhere can utilize this theme to showcase their work in the easiest and most efficient way possible. The simple, minimal but extremely effective layout is awesome for enriching your content with text (which will also help your SEO efforts!)

Nifty feature: the wonderful mouseover tooltip feature on the huge homepage slider!

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1. Crea Premium WordPress Theme

crea premium wordpress theme

The Crea Premium WordPress Theme hosted on Themeforest has a most beautiful Flash-like layout, that is ideal for showcasing your work and personal portfolio. The main page is actually a slideshow in itself! Its custom parallax backgrounds and two slider types help you customize this theme to perfection. This photography WordPress theme just oozes with professionalism!

Nifty feature: the animated transitions between pages is just wonderful!

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