Transmit Free WordPress Theme 05/18/11

transmit premium wordpress theme

This theme was created by Press 75 (we like!)  and it’s an RSS aggregation theme. This means that you can collect and display news feeds from various other websites and blogs.

It’s ideal either for personal use (to add feeds and be able to see what’s new on the sites you want to pay attention to) or for a blog network profile page, that displays the latest posts from their network of blogs. It’s simplistic design is guaranteed to make your visitors focus on your content.

It’s not a like a magazine or news portal theme, as you can’t create blog posts or upload your own content. Instead, it’s meant to collect feeds with the help of widgets, creating a single page of aggregated headlines.

It also offers 468×60 and 728×90 ad-ready areas and an option to integrate Google analytics! Neat for collecting news headlines and updates, articles and posts in one place!

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