Relay Premium WordPress Theme 05/01/11

relay premium wordpress theme

This is a social media frenzy theme! It’s was created by Press 75 and it’s ideal for multi-talented graphic designers, people and artists who create lots of things, like images, videos, animations, illustrations etc. And you can still blog like normal!

What’s so cool about this theme is that it aggregates all your social media accounts into your own blog page! This means that on the home page, apart from your profile avatar and info, you can display content from:

  • your latest videos from Youtube
  • images from flickr (with an automatic lightbox so you can view full size images)
  • your tweets
  • blog posts
  • what you have been listening to on Last FM
  • recommended links from
  • your latest from

…and more can be added in the future! A really great theme for people who are highly involved in social media and want a place to feature them all with stylish minimalism and ease! I will mos def get me one of these soon! :P

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