Photolist Premium WordPress Theme 03/09/11

Photolist Premium WordPress Theme

This theme was designed by Obox and it’s hosted at Theme Forest.

It’s a blogging theme, but with emphasis on photographs. The home page has a slick home page slider, featured images below, a text/quote areas and a footer with extra information.

It also has a well developed layout with a right sidebar for your information, latest tweets an recent comments.

It has many Pages, including an About page, a Blog page, an Archive page and a Photo Collection page, where it has albums so you can seperate your photos.

But, by far the best feature is the fact that in the Gallery page, you can add filters to your images, just by dragging and dropping!! Featured filters include:

  • Grey Scale
  • Negative
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Gaussian Blur
  • Colorize

They really gave this one some thought and it’s ideal if you’re a photographer and want to showcase your work, or if you like to snap at stuff, then upload them on your blog!

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