Melville Free WordPress Writer’s Theme 11/17/11

melville free wordpress writers themeThe Melville Free WordPress Writer’s Theme made by Raygun  is a literary theme; clean, beautiful, no distractions or widgets to drive readers’ eyes away. It’s down to bare essentials, but that’s all that’s needed for people to pay attention to your content and only your content.

The Melville Free WordPress Writer’s Theme features are simple and minimalistic; just what a literary theme needs! No sidebars, no widgets; the basic thumbnails are there to illustrate your work in a simple way. The Archives page, seen in screenshot below, has sortable posts (by date or subject) and a search bar so your readers can browse through your writing.

Here is a screenshot of the Archives page:

melville free wordpress writers theme archivesChoose this wonderful theme if you are a writer that wants your content out in the open. No distractions, no widgets, no sidebars; just content and your occasional thumbnail illustration.

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Sherry April 20, 2012 Reply

Download button isn’t working.

Angel April 20, 2012 Reply

Just Fixed :)

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