Brainstorm Premium WordPress Theme 03/30/11

Brainstorm Premium WordPress theme

Wow, this theme really blew me away! It’s so..everything! OK, first things first, it’s hosted at Theme Forest and it’s ideal for a personal branding page, especially if you’re an artist or freelancer and want a theme that showcases your work, while still looking elegant!

Some of it’s amazing features include:

  • FREE screencasts! Yep, that’s right, they even show you how to best utilize your new theme, isn’t that great!?
  • 2 different home page slider styles. My favourite is the v2 style as it has cool circles that pop up when you hover over the image, prompting you to action (like info, stop, link). Let me note the cool dots that countdown to the second the slider changes to the next image.
  • 10 funky colours schemes to choose from. You even get a small preview of the colour as you hover over it’s name on the meny (cool names include fresh orange, fashion purple, ocean blue and hipster black!)
  • Multiple customization and colour options for buttonss and alert boxes and it even gives you ready codes for links, images, bullet points (2 styles!) and toggles.
  • Featured testimonials option
  • Customization options for sidebars (left or right), blog page sidebars (left, right or no sidebar)
  • Text width options, so you can have one, two, three or four columns, You can also choose from full width text or two thirds.
  • Multiple portfolio options, including an option to filter posts by topic or category. Cool eh?
  • All copy contains content with information you can actually use
  • Social bookmarking buttons to stay connected
  • Stylish icons for service boxes, alerts and social buttons
  • Google maps application

…and so much more you can discover with the screencasts and tips found in each post. That’s probably the greatest thing about this theme: the post content is actually useful to you!

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